Our Capabilities. Our Commitment.

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Agile. The essence of our customization comes from the fact that we can adapt immediately to your needs. Through the years, we have developed quick-turn manufacturing capabilities, invested in the latest technological advancements and operated in productivity cells. This evolution allows our five multi-regional locations to work efficiently and work together by transferring data to one another and distributing capacity as needed. That means that when we build it, our costs are contained and the benefits of those efficiencies are passed on to you. No catalog; no minimum run requirements. If you need to make changes, we can do that on the fly.


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Distinction. At EMI, our engineering expertise is unparalleled. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by employing over twice the number of engineers of most companies our size. Why? Because designing and building what you need is paramount.

Utilizing the latest three-dimensional CAD software, our engineers are on the cutting-edge of design and modeling, while working in accordance with the practices of Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement. All of these advantages reduce time and cost spent in the prototype and build process.


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Craftsmanship. It’s an old world concept that doesn’t get thrown around these days. For over 30 years, it has been at the heart of what we do. Whether your project requires stainless steel, aluminum, laminated wood, hardwood, solid surface, glass or plastic, EMI has mastered the art of custom solutions for all your needs. This mastery has replicated itself in supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurant chains and more.

At EMI, all of our products are built to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards and, where applicable, come with Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) approval.


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Authentic. We are all looking for something genuine--a real person when you call, a firm handshake and the character to hold to a commitment. At EMI, being there for our customers is not an empty promise. It is how we have worked for over 30 years. Through our eCRM system, we create a web-based portal for your staff to access drawings, shipments and any information required to manage our schedule 24/7. You have access to key information like open projects as well as the ability to develop business intelligence reports. The system is data exchange compliant (XML, EDI, Text), making the information timely, accurate and, above all, secure.


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United. On the new frontier facing businesses today, protecting the Earth and its vital resources should be the walk we take. EMI is proud to have worked on zero waste production management for almost 30 years. We are compliant with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) standards and staff LEED Accredited Professionals in every EMI facility. We can consult and lend our knowledge to your organization to help you achieve your initiatives.

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