EMI Industries Announces New Department of Energy Certification for Refrigeration Products and Seeks Energy Star® Rating

The Department of Energy (DOE) established a new regulatory requirement that manufacturers of refrigerated products must comply by March 28, 2017.

EMI Industries is proud to share that we not only met the new requirements, but also exceeded the minimum reduction of energy required by the DOE.  EMI’s new refrigeration units use less than 50% of the energy of the old units.  This translates into significant cost savings in operating expenses to our customers.  In preparation for the new requirements, EMI Industries made component and design changes to meet the new standards.  These changes do not affect the usability of any of the refrigerated products EMI Industries produces and offers to its customers, but they do decrease the energy required to operate these units.

EMI Industries has met and exceeded the DOE requirements and is now registered on the DOE’s Website stating our compliance to the new standard.  In the coming months, because of its superb energy reduction achievement, EMI Industries will be seeking an Energy Star® rating. 

From designing and building the most beautiful and durable custom millwork and metal products, to offering energy-efficient refrigeration that never compromises on usability, EMI continuously strives to be the leader in the foodservice industry. With multi-regional manufacturing locations in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Texas, we give our customers the additional peace-of-mind of knowing that we are equipped to grow alongside them, whether their growth plans are regional or national.


About EMI Industries:

EMI Industries is an award-winning millwork, metal and refrigeration manufacturer of standard and customized fixtures, displays and equipment for the restaurant, convenience store and supermarket industries.  With five manufacturing facilities across the country, 350+employees and 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space, EMI provides a convenient regional source for millwork, metal and refrigeration products, with national and international capabilities.  For more about EMI, visit emiindustries.com.