EMI Featured on Retail Environments Magazine

We are very excited to announce that EMI Industries was featured on the March 2013 issue of Retail Environments magazine from the Association for Retail Environments. The feature focuses on our innovative multi-regional strategy, which allows all five EMI locations (Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Texas) to work together to balance workload and cater to our customer’s special requirements and individual geographic locations. 

EMI’s multi-regional strategy allows us to be flexible, sustainable and to keep costs and shipping times down. These are unique capabilities that many of our clients take advantage of.  Since each of our locations uses consistent equipment and software, our customers are granted the key benefit of being able to have their orders built and shipped from the EMI location most beneficial to them; all without ever sacrificing quality. This gives our customers a competitive advantage and relieves some of the headache and stress associated with growing a business. And this is what EMI Industries is here for: To provide service and innovation that exceeds our customer’s expectations.